Apply These 5 Secret Tips To Get A Girlfriend

Apply These 5 Secret Tips To Get A Girlfriend



Are you bored with being single? Do you want to make a girlfriend?

Then you are on the right post here. So you want to make a girlfriend but you don’t have any skills or any idea about how to make a girlfriend then we are here to share with you some 5 secret techniques to get a girlfriend so read it wisely and apply these techniques in your life.
Getting a Girlfriend might seem to be not as easy as it requires some personality and some talkative ideas. So boys get ready for taking some steps to make a girlfriend but before that, you must read out at last.
1. Have a conversation with a girl – 
       Yes, these is the main thing that you should do. If you like some girl, then you should make the first move. you should try to talk with her, so maybe she is in your class then you should try to make a conversation with her with some reasons for studies.
( Example – Lookout if she is in problem, then you must help her in this situation, this could be ice breaker to introduce yourself. If she accepts your help, then this is a great move.)
. If you have met some girl online then daily DM her, but don’t try to do any forced activity. If she is comfortable then she will surely reply to you. If she talks or replies you then follow these simple steps.
  • Please be polite with her.
  • dont share any fake details with her just to impress her.
  •  Try to make her you close friend. If she is interested in you, then she will surely share some things about her. you should also share your some secrets with her. These will increase trust for you.
  •  Dont DM her unnecessarily whole day, these will ruinn your importance in her life, as free things have no value in our life, in such a way try to have some your value in her life. 
  • If she shares whole day schedule or any best moments she did in this those days then trust me she trusts you and you are now her close friend.

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2. Asking her to out –
      So now you may be good friends enough to share your secrets and details with each other. So now its time to move on. Asks her to go out with you. Try to watch the movie with her. share some snacks with her. If she is interested in you then she will surely come with you. Make her laugh by doing simple jokes, help her in her difficult time. Hold her Hand in public, This will gain her trust and she will feel secure with you wherever you go. 
So how could you ask her to go out with you?

  • For instance say “New Movie is releasing this week, And I’m thinking about going, Are you interested?
  • as another example ” Its been forever since I went on a long drive, how about you?
3. Make her feel special –

         If you like some girl then you must make her special by surprising her on birthday and normal days also. No need to bring any expensive gifts for her because all girls want her partner to be loyal to her. Give them loyalty. Make her happy, help her in her work. Do video calls, try to make her angry by doing some silly funny things. yeah, some fights are also required to have a good relationship. You can’t control how anyone feels about you. but you can feel them you are special for her by being kind with her.

  • Share your stories and jokes –
        Everyone likes to be happy, everyone like to laugh, use your sense of humour to share your jokes and stories. Daily try to compliment her about her dressing, as girls like this.
  • Dressing sense – Dress properly that fits your budget. no need to wear expensive dresses, just adjust and get fit in what you have. Dress cleanly and maintain hygiene.
  • Exercise daily  – If you want to be fit and fine then you must exercise daily so that you would not get fat or have a tummy, as most girls don’t like fat boys or boys which have a tummy.

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4. Don’t try to be her husband – 
      Try to be her Best and caring Boyfriend for her, not her husband which will make her feel boring.  Most of the girls want to be independent. So don’t force them to disallow them from doing anything. so that maybe riding a bike or driving a car. Give her a chance so that she could enjoy with you each and every moment. Because memories are such things that last longer.
5. Propose her –
I know you people are waiting for propose scene. but you must follow the steps that I told you before proposing her. In these days you may be knowing her favourite places, her favourite food. etc. Then take her in some silent place such as any beach or any romantic place that you would like to visit. Start something conversation and tell her that you like some girl. Don’t tell directly that you like her and all. Have patience. Tell her in slowly that you like some girl, and she is beautiful as you. If she likes you then she will surely feel jealous. so try to make more jealous and ask her how should I propose her and all. 
  • Just ask her if she is comfortable then ” can we practise proposing scene?
  • If she is ready then practise with her
  • Try to propose her romantically as you can and give your best.
  • Ask her to close her eyes 
  • and at last propose here, and tell her about your true feelings.
  • This was just an example of how you can propose any girl, by the We know you people are expert in this and you can try on your own also.

Some tips and tips  – 

  1. Please don’t cheat in your relationship, 
  2. If you are not happy in your relationship and if you are having any issue then just try to solve it out because this will end in a breakup.
  3. Try to spend some happy time with your loved once and keep them happy, as there are many people who are waiting for your breakup.
  4. Be kind and be polite.
  5. Don’t do any wrong with your partner, that will hurt them at most.
  6. let us know in the comment section if you have some of the tips to make a girlfriend.

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